Payment Reimbursement Requests and Project Closeout Procedures

(Note: Please refer to your project agreement and Rule 66B-1 for the complete project reimbursement and completion requirements.) 

Conditions: The District shall only release program funds in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the project agreement. This release of program funds shall be on a reimbursement only basis. The District shall reimburse the project sponsor for project costs expended on the project in accordance with the project agreement, specifically Exhibit B - Project Cost Estimate. 

Retainage: The District shall retain ten percent (10%) of all reimbursement payments until final certification of completion of the project. The District shall withhold any reimbursement payment, either in whole or part, for non-compliance with the terms of the agreement. 

Project Completion and Reimbursement Requirements 
Upon completion of the project, the liaison agent shall provide the following:
  1. A completed Exhibit E -Project Completion Certificate, FIND Form No. 90-13 PDF  (effective date 7-30-02), which certifies that the project was completed in accordance with the project agreement and the final project plans.
  2. Exhibit D - Payment Reimbursement Request Form, FIND Form No. 90-14 PDF, accompanied by all required supporting documents such as billing statements for work performed and cancelled payment vouchers for expenditures made (for FIND funds and match).
  3. Photograph(s) showing the installation of the sign required by Rule 66B-1.013, F.A.C.
  4. Photograph(s) of the completed project clearly showing the program improvements. (jpg or tif format)
  5. A Final Project Report (1-2 pages) that shall at minimum include: project name, grant number and project location/address,  final cost and FIND grant amount, and brief project summary with project benefits to the waterway.

Acknowledgement: The project sponsor shall erect a permanent sign, approved by the District, in a prominent find tiny logolocation at the completed project that indicates the District's participation in the project. This sign shall contain the FIND logo (see logo right). 

In the event that the project sponsor erects a temporary construction sign, this sign shall also recognize the District's participation. If the final product of the project is a report, study or other publication, the District's sponsorship of that publication shall be prominently indicated at the beginning of the publication. If the project results in an educational display, the District's logo and a statement of the District's participation in the project shall be contained in the display.